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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ASUS: Get your PadFone 2 now! (HK)

The ASUS PadFone 2 (16gb, for now) is now available in HK! selling in Broadway for $4298 HKD (!) with 2GB Ram, 4G LTE which is HK compatiable   *cough*Velocity 4G, RAZR *cough*, Android 4.0,  13MP camera (Really nice photos, beats the One X by far more on this later) and 720P display. It's PadFone Station dock is also available for another 2298 HKD. Great hardware for price!

With my short hands-on with it, its screen is great, and has a superb build quality, High quality camera (I can say it snaps better pics than the Nokia Lumia 820 at least, but it was a very quick hands on :p) and snappy quad core S4 cpu. Amazing for such a price, although it doesn't have an micro SD slot.

(prices in Broadway)

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